4 ways to go from hustle to flow 

The “hustle” culture is dead! Just as the way doing business has changed so has the path to get there. Let me explain.

I am a newish entrepreneur. Kinda like an elder millennial. I am caught in the in-between where I can dance to the tootsie roll and tiktok the ish out of a video. I am also caught in the in-between with business. I am in between what was: where we were taught to sell like sharks and say whatever it took to meet our numbers & what is: we are taught to build relationships with customers and nurture them.

But one shift I haven’t seen yet is the #realtalk about the realities around building a business. Most really successful entrepreneurs state that their success was only followed by sacrifice of sleep, family, and overall wellness to make it happen. But is this the only way to get to Beyonce and Millionaire status?

I don’t think so.

Mental health is no longer taboo. It’s an essential part of what we need as human beings to operate and perform at our highest selves. No amount of financial gain is worth the years lost due to burnout or unhealthy habits. That the hustle culture is dead!

Rather than working from a place of guilt, not seeing family or friends enough; overwhelm, where you are overbooked with tasks you don’t even like; and feeling out of alignment with what you supposed to be doing with this life, I will talk through four ways you can go from hustle to your flow with your business and life.

Grab some pen and paper because you may want to journal your heart out.

The first thing you want to do is to start with your at. Take inventory of all the areas of life. In what areas of life do you feel are depleted and which do you feel are fulfilling? Look at your social, career, finance, environment, emotional, physical buckets. One you’ve checked in with yourself start to explore who you are. What types of things bring you fulfillment, entertainment, or joy. Then leverage those. Are you spending enough time doing those things? Next, optimize your environment to work with you and not against you. This means picking up your socks from the floor and putting away the laundry. Make your home and work areas tidy and pleasant. You can also optimize your ability to stay in flow by taking inventory of the people you allow in your life. If there is anyone toxic, remove them. Lastly, try on the new you and #werk it. This is the fun part. Once you are living in flow you know it. It’s a feeling that feels both energizing and fulfilling.

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