Why ambitious female entrepreneurs

don’t make BIG money!

“It took me three attempts to get this out before I was interrupted!!” These were the exact words my real estate agent painfully texted me about one week before we closed on my home. She fired off another text right after: “I’ll schedule “me” time and then reschedule it again and again”! she said. I could feel her tiredness, her stress, her frustration with having to do it all, and do it NOW. It was at that moment I thought, who the hell told her she had to work like that?! Was it her Broker pushing numbers and “hustle”? Was it the fact that she walks into the office and other female hustlers with the same mindset are hitting million-dollar deals left, and right? No, wait, did she want to feel like this? Certainly NOT! I knew this wasn’t the way to have a well-lived life. As a business owner, I had lived through that type of hustle and was never going back. If these are my very last words, I am going to use them to tell you there is a different way of achieving BIG money and a BIG life while maintaining FLOW!

In business, there is always going to be too much to do, too many requests, and not enough time to fit it all in. So where do you start in order to gain some control?

--- Start where you are at. The Foundation.

What if time really wasn’t the issue? What if the issue was too many distractions that keep you from being focused on the right work you have to do in order to achieve the financial outcome you want. Start with taking inventory of what is actually going on around you- personally and professionally. Next, decide on where you want to go. Make it easier to focus on one major important goal at a time.

One of my first clients named Teresa that had this same problem- “no time”. In one of our first sessions, Teresa said, I don’t know how many times I have tried, I cannot stick to an exercise routine. She was an entrepreneur, had just enrolled in her master’s program, and worked part-time at an energy facility. She had a lot of important things to get done daily that were pretty non-negotiable. She needed to make money from her business, keep up with her studies, show up for work, start working out, all while being a good wife, daughter, sister, friend. Seriously, I wanted to break out in song and sing Let it go, let it go because even I didn’t know how she was going to do it all. But that’s not why she hired me, so we got to work. After six coaching sessions with me, I had her eliminate all unnecessary distractions and got her hyper-focused on only one thing at a time and therefore she created the space in her schedule to incorporate her new exercise routine. Which was biking by the way. I love checking in with her because even after seven months of working together, I still get to see pictures of her biking with her husband. She randomly will text and say hey girl, I got it in! I love it! She took inventory of what was going on in her life, eliminated the unnecessary daily distractions and focused on what needed to the most, and created the time to “get it in” with more ease!

You’re hustling and killing yourself doing all the things, but you still can’t seem to hit that revenue goal you set two years ago. You aren’t thriving financially enough to have that retirement nest egg everyone keeps talking about. What daily vital activities are you actually completing? Having goals is one thing but actually holding yourself accountable to do the things that need to be done day in and day out takes a certain mindset. First, you need to decide. Decide that this way of life, this goal, the person you want to be is a must and there is no other way. Then you need to get crystal clear about who you are fighting for and why it’s that important to do this work. Lastly, you need to distinguish between when to give yourself grace vs. grit. All these lead to developing the right mindset that helps hold yourself accountable to taking small daily actions that yield big results.

About two years ago, I decided that I was going to create a better life for myself. It was like I woke up from a place of constant people-pleasing and chasing goals that weren’t really mine. I realized that no one was coming to save me from a job that sucked all the happiness out of me and left me feeling like it was never enough anyway. I knew that if I wanted to level-up my life; I needed to be the one to do it. I hired a business coach, made room in my schedule to work on business before and after work, and launched my first business within 10 days. About two weeks later I had my first customer. Since then, I’ve launched my second business, dropped 100 lbs., ran my first marathon, and I just closed on my downtown dream home all under two years! I attribute this to having the right mindset to endure what it takes to do it all. Motivation and willpower to hold yourself accountable aren’t on demand but having the right mindset is! A motivated mindset will help you live your life every day by design not by default. I developed my mindset in three ways. I became aware of what I wanted and why I was chasing it. I reframed life goals to better align with who I was, and then I learned when to give myself grace and when to have grit. This helped me stay committed to vital daily actions which led to massive results for my life.

You’ve ignored caring for yourself physically and mentally for way too long because your tired and drained and never have any time. It may feel like no matter how hard you try to stick to some type of time blocking schedule, it never works. That’s because no one in the world can tell you how to run your life. Coaches, friends, or other successful entrepreneurs know how to successfully run their lives, but when it comes to running yours, you have to take control and design it yourself.

Back to Teresa, my creative entrepreneur client. Teresa had a million things to do and wanted to add just one more thing to her plate- a physical exercise routine. This was important to her because she had just been diagnosed with a stomach condition that drained her energy. She thought physical exercise could help. She asked if I could help her make a strict daily schedule. She wanted to be up at 6 am and in the gym at 7 am and then have her workday follow and school to follow that, family time follows that business follows that, etc. The daily duties went on and on. Shortly after two weeks of working on this problem and tracking her time, I asked Teresa, where do you most enjoy spending your time? She immediately stated I love my creative time. It was apparent after looking at her week, she was not getting enough creative time. I suggested she ramp up the creative time knowing this would fuel energy for other areas of her life. Once the creative time was scheduled, we aligned the other duties she had to fit into how much time she actually wanted to spend on them. Considering how much time it actually took to be successful with that duty. What happened next was fire! Not only did she find the time to start a workout routine; she felt more empowered to do what she wanted to and left any guilt behind when she didn’t do things at an exact time. Her time blocking had a weekly flow rather than a daily flow. It fit her life as a high-creative person. She established a life flow rather than a strict routine. It’s important to design your life in a way that fuels you to be fully present in all areas in your life when you need to be. You want your family to get the best of you, not the rest of you. This starts with personalized time blocking and planning that will give you the energy you need to establish and maintain the right habits.

You have one life. Are you going to continue to let your business run you or are you going to start running your business? Get hyper-focused, develop the mindset needed to be accountable to yourself, and create the schedule that gives you the energy to thrive & the life you want to live. What is the alternative? If you’ve read all the books, listened to the motivational videos, journaled your heart out, and still aren’t where you want to be in life, give me a call! I not only support you as a coach. I am a trainer, mentor, and friend who has walked this path before. I’d be honored and humbled to be asked to walk this journey with you.

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